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Not sure where to start?...

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Not sure where, or even how to start? Don't stress! Just trust yourself. Back your talents and have belief in yourself. Everyone has to start somewhere, so just give it a go and do your best. Remember we're looking for designs that are unique to you... so never mind trying to be like anyone else, just do you boo!

Helpful tip: Ask your kaiako (teachers), hoa (friends) and whānau (family) for extra help. Nobody said you had to do it alone! In fact, because we're only giving you a month, we encourage you to get a good support crew around you. They might give you feedback, help you after school or photograph your product for you. Just make sure you stay honest and do the bulk of the designing and constructing yourself. You've got this!

Ngā mihi,


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